WC Get Together 2000 - November 2-5, 2000

Bragging Rights Results Story by Linda Hall Story by Ness
Story by Sheila Ryan Story by Golden
bigfish_day1_overall bob_bob bobk_fish bobk_fish2 bobk_net
bobk_net2 bobk_scott Bob-n-Scott busyb_crew busyb_crew2
Busy-w-3girlsss CaptRic Cindy cindy_bobk cindy_fish
cindy_sheila day2_bigfish den driftr_ebi driftr_fish
Ebi eye_loop first_place front_office gull_cleaning
hall_fish hall_fishclean hall_fry jhall_fish jhall_fish2
jhall_fish3 judy_weighin judy_weighin_icon JustLooknWow2 justus_cleaning
justus_fish Kuehl kuehl_cindy kuehl_fish kuehl_fish2
kuehl_golden kuehl_sheila kuehl_sheila2 lacourse lacourse_boat
lhall_fish lhall_fish2 mary_den ness Onshore
OnshoreM paul_scott_gull Pb030012 Pb030014 Pb030015
Pb030016 Pb030018 Pb030019 Pb030021 Pb030022
Pb040024 Pb040027 Pb040028 Pb040029 Pb040030
Pb040031 Pb040032 Pb040033 Pb040035 Pb040036
Pb040037 Pb040038 Pb040039 Pb040040 Pb040041
Pb040042 Pb040043 Pb050044 Pb050045 Pb050046
Pb050047 poohbear1 poohbear2 poohbear3 poohbear4
puccio rhodes_gilliam rhodes1 Ric-n-Cindy Ric-n-Cindy2
scott_fish scott_fish2 scott_fish3 scott_sign scott_weighin
Scott2 scottcrable ScottNets second_place Sheila
sheila_busyb sheila_fish Swat I Terri1 third_place
weighin weighin2 weighin3 weighin4 weighin5

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